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Following is a list of music publishers for which emusicquest has gathered contact information.
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Since learning that our listings of the individual contacts, addresses, phone / fax numbers, and email addresses of publishing companies have been abused by spammers and solicitors, we have decided not to encourage abuse by freely posting this information on our website.
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The list of publishers which follows contains the name of the publisher, U.S. agents who distribute the publications, and websites for publishers when available. This is derived from the master list for the Music-In-Print Series and represents publishers who may or may not have submitted information for inclusion in the series.

Please navigate to the appropriate page of the directory by clicking on the first letter in the desired publisher name. You may return to this page at any point by clicking the "Return to Publisher Directory Index" link at the top and bottom of each alphabetical page listing.

This list is arranged alphabetically by publisher name. When an abbreviation is commonly recognized as a name, an entry is duplicated in each location. Since publishers may have addresses in several different countries, those addresses are gathered together under the publisher entry.

Please note that there can be no guarantee made that all website addresses are currenly active, as they are subject to change. emusicquest has attempted to confirm that each address is valid at the time of inclusion in the database. Please report any updates to:

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