The Music-In-Print Series®
Since 1973!

emusicquest acknowledges the hard work, directed effort, and long-standing tradition to excellence that has been associated with The Music-In-Print Series since 1973. We recognize and thank the past editors and staff of Musicdata, Inc.,

We acknowledge first and foremost, Mark Resnick , the founder and President of Musicdata, Inc., who saw a great need in the music industry to catalog music in print, and an innovative solution that used computer technology (before it became the present-day standard). The fact that many of the procedures and computer concepts developed in the 1970s and 1980s are still in use today stand as a testament to their effectiveness.

The editorial staff of The Music-In-Print Series is to be recognized for a legacy that provides guidance and a standard to uphold. Numerous editors were involved throughout the history of Music-In-Print that set a steadfast course for the completion of volume after volume of indispensible information to the music industry. We thank Thomas Nardone, Susan Simon, F. Mark Daugherty, Noah Simon, Elisa Kahn-Ellis, Frank James Staneck, Robert Cho, Molly Sassaman, & Adam Gaines.

Additionally, outside editors have also provided very focused efforts into their individual areas of expertise for volumes of The Music-In-Print Series, resulting in some of the more uniform and reliable volumes in the areas of Orchestral, String, Woodwind, and Classical Guitar Music In Print. We thank Margaret Farish, Harry Peters, and Mijndert Jape for their outstanding contributions to The Music-In-Print Series.

The history of The Music-In-Print Series would not be complete without mention of James Nye. As a crucial part of the initial launching of Musicdata, Inc., and its earliest publications, he functioned in a "behind the scenes" capacity.

Thanks to the efforts of those mentioned, the legacy of Musicdata continues through the online version of Music-In-Print.

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