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Our new login procedure is now active. If you no longer have your login information handy, you may set up a temporary username and password to get you going (it will be active for 30 days). You may always send an email to info@emusicquest.com for a reminder of your username and password.

The interface is fully functional, and we are implementing cosmetic improvements soon.

Again, please don't hesitate to contact us if there are any problems with the way you expect access. If you normally login by username and password, and don't remember it, you can send an email to request it. Please note that this may take a day or two for us to respond.

If you access Music-In-Print Online through a participating library, university, or other institution, the login procedure is done behind the scenes, and you should simply be directed to the search page. Please contact us if that is not what you experience.
As always, I thank you for your continued support. I'm very excited for the future of Music-In-Print, and invite you to join me in celebrating the launch of the improved interface!

Don Reese, Owner

Follow this link to use the new interface for Music-In-Print Online.
Music-In-Print Online Database

  • We have just posted an online tutorial to help demonstrate the database functions of our site. You will be given tips that may help you search the Music-In-Print database - please feel free to send comments, questions, or other feedback!

  • We are constantly working to improve search efficiency of our online databases. We have changed our hosting company and server for our website to improve the service. You should not notice any significant changes in the site navigation, but should see an improvement in the amount of time it takes to load pages and searches. Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems, questions, or comments.

  • A major reworking of instrumentation codes and abbreviations has been an ongoing project for the past several months. Abbreviations are consistent with those set by The Music-In-Print Series printed volumes, and on the Abbreviations page of our site.

  • A Voicing and Instrumentation search has been included in the Sacred and Secular Choral areas.

  • The Composer Directory has been modified for searching. Alternate spellings for composer names may now be found when searching, as well as names that are hyphenated. In the past, hyphenated names were treated as if they had no hyphen, and if one was searching for "Rimsky-Korsakov", no matches would be found (the database does not ignore the hyphen, but treats it as any other character). The user would have had to type "Rimsky - Korsakov" (or "Rim Kor" as the search feature of the database does locate matches based on partial information). Now, with or without the hyphen or space, the name will be found.

  • Jazz Music In Print is now active!!

  • The Publisher Directory is now undergoing a consistent form of updates. While publisher information continues to be internally added, verified, and corrected on a daily basis, we are now saving the changes for a monthly online update. This enables us to generate an entirely new Publisher Directory each month, reflecting the most recent changes.

  • The Publisher Directory has been reformatted for subscribers*. Modifications include an alphabetical list of publisher names which links directly to the specific publisher entry in the directory. The Publisher Directory for subscribers includes the full contact information of the publishers as before.
    *The subscriber only Publisher Directory must be accessed after logging in, as the directory in the public part of the site does not include the full contact information (we learned that it was being harvested by spam robots, and our contact list was being abused).

  • Music-In-Print Master Index is posted online. Many users have inquired about the possibility of one search for a work/title/composer through all areas of The Music-In-Print Series Online, rather than the method currently used (a search must be performed repeatedly in each of the database areas for a complete list of works fitting the search criteria). By creating a database of all of the areas of The Music-In-Print Series, this idea is now a reality!

  • Chamber Music In Print - our newest area! One of the benefits of our new reformatting project was the potential to more usefully manipulate the data that have been compiled over the past thirty years. We've been able to identify works from the String, Woodwind, and Classical Guitar databases of The Music-In-Print Series as well as the newer areas of Brass, Recorder, Percussion, and Miscellaneous ensembles to create a central Chamber Music database. The criteria for including works in this database are that the work must be for two or more unlike instruments (with or without keyboard accompaniment).

  • Reformatting of database entries. One of the major projects has been completed is the unifying of formats between the databases of the original Music-In-Print Series, and those developed by emusicquest. The Music-In-Print databases (Choral, Organ, Vocal, Orchestral, String, Guitar, and Woodwind) and emusicquest databases contain edition information such as Arranger, Opus, Edition Number, and other remarks.

    Additionally, in the Music-In-Print databases, a composer's birth and death dates are given as they were known at the time of book publication. Success in our current project will use a composer list that is updated daily for corrections and additions. Our current list also indicates nationality and historical period of the composer when known.

    The project to unify format ultimately improves on search capabilities and future updating procedures. We are implementing a system of updating that compares titles currently listed in The Music-In-Print Series with the newest publisher catalogs. We indicate "active" status of existing Music-In-Print titles if they appear in the newest publisher catalog; in the same way, we indicate "inactive" status of Music-In-Print titles if they do not appear in the newest publisher catalog. All entries in Music-In-Print are listed with a date of inclusion, and when title status is verified, they will also indicate a verification date.

  • Publisher Directory - new and improved! Features include information for telephone, fax, and email contacts, and more! The Music-In-Print Series Publisher Directory is updated constantly.

  • The Publisher Directory is now incorporated into the standard search pages, so that publisher contact information will display on the same screen as the Music-In-Print record! When an item of interest is located, please click the "Detail" link to see complete information about that particular edition - including publisher contact information!

  • In addition to updating the Publisher Directory nearly every day, we have included an interface that allows users to jump directly to the publisher contact information rather than scrolling down the various pages to locate it manually.

  • Paperback reprints - select titles of the print format of Music-In-Print have now been made available in limited supply as paperback volumes. Titles are Orchestral Music In Print (1979), Orchestral Music In Print: 1994 Supplement, String Music In Print: 1984 Supplement (all edited by Margaret K. Farish, Woodwind Music In Print (1997) (edited by Harry B. Peters), and Classical Vocal Music In Print (1976) (edited by Thomas R. Nardone). Contact us for more details or to order! Click here to see other available titles of Music-In-Print in book or CD-ROM formats.

  • Popular Music In Print is active online for subscribers and trial users. Explore this area and send your comments!!

  • Regular updates - The Music-In-Print Series is continuing its long-standing tradition of cataloging sheet music in print.

    Much of our database structure is dynamic, so that changes, corrections, revisions, and updates can be implemented globally. For instance, when a Publisher's Agent changes and is updated in our Publisher Directory, your search results will also reflect that change.

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