Academic Library and Institutional Access

Rates for Universities, Public Libraries, Conservatories, and other institutions will be based on population served. Please contact us with the number of users served.
- Access by IP address authentication.

A subscription to Music-In-Print® Online grants unlimited access to the entire content of Music-In-Print® Online.

A signed copy of the license agreement, IP address range(s), Purchase Order Number (if applicable), and contact information must be submitted with your order.

Once the IP address range(s) are included in our access tables, we will send a confirmation link to the contact person via email, as well as the URL. Users who access The Music-In-Print Series Online by IP address authentication use a separate URL that does not require username and password.

Once we receive the signed license agreement and confirmation of access from the contact person, we will process an invoice, payable in 30 days unless alternative arrangements have been made.

At the end of your subscription period, an automatic renewal invoice will be sent. Please note that there is no obligation to continue your subscription after the first year, however, we do ask for cancellation notice if you do not wish to continue your subscription.

Subscribers to Music-In-Print® Online are expected to read and abide by the terms in the license agreement and use of the databases indicates acceptance of those terms. Please contact us if you need more information.

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